A first low-poly test.

Architectural experiment, aug. 2006
click here for more pictures of this house

Just a house... an interpretation of a design made by
Saunders Architecture, Norway, aug 2006

A house in the village "Abcoude". Made just for fun. july 2006

Bovenstaande huis is ook in 3D te bekijken
in een Shockwave 3D versie van 1 Mb groot.

Klik hier om dat bekijken.

Animation that I made about an abstract
painting by Herman Scholten

Project that I am always working on, from january 2006,
The Alhambra in Granada, España

In march/april 2005 the challenge was: create a masterpiece with a twist.
I chose this painting from Kandinsky, and my twist is in
the animation, which is not finished yet.

February 2005 the Creative Challenge was to create a
Trans Dimensional Vehicle. This is my entry.

This Studio is made for the next Creative Challenge and
competition from Marlin Studios, a texture studio. Nov. 2004.
I won first price with this picture!

This is an invention of Leonardo da Vincy, called the
Mechanical Drum, made for an online creative challenge, sept. 2004

Ceci, Animatie, 0'47'', aug 2004
You can see the animation here

Virtupet, now with stereovision! Made for
a creative challenge online, july 2004.

Dancing Lozenge, Animatie, 2'24'', juni 2004
You can see the animation here

De Stompetoren, eerste kladje na jaren 3D stilte


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